From the arrival of the Franciscan friars from the American Midwest in the late 1800’s, the missionary spirit has and continues to be realized in Native American Nations surrounded by the State of Arizona. In the early days of their ministry, friars worked hard to establish schools and represent Native interests in Washington DC.  They also compiled the first dictionaries and grammars in some of the Native languages.   Today friars work alongside the Apache and the Tohono O’odham peoples in creating new expressions of Native culture in liturgy and prayer.  They also try to respond to the host of social and economic challenges that lie beyond the doors of village chapels. For more information, please contact the following local offices:

San Solano Missions

Route 19 and Topawa Road
P.O. Box 210
Topawa AZ  85639-0210
Phone: (520) 383-2350

San Xavier del Bac Mission

1950 W San Xavier Road
Tucson AZ  85746-7409
Phone: (520) 294-2624

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