What is the Fraternal Care Trust? First of all, it is a distinct organization devoted to the care of the oldest and the newest of friars. It is its own legal corporation, separate from the Province, but restricted to be used only for the support of Franciscans who cannot support themselves: the elderly and those new Friars who are in formation.

Donors to the Trust, such as you, are making an act of loving care, practicing a work of mercy, in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. We hear from Francis’ earliest friars that St. Francis himself advised his friars, even in their need, to provide for beggars who had nothing. One begged for some fabric to keep him warm, “for the love of God.” When Francis heard those words, “for the love of God,” his heart melted and either searched for what beggars needed, or literally took the cloak off of his own back to give to the beggar.

We live in different times, when many of us look for places to share the many gifts God has given to us. Our desire to share is a Godly one, “for the love of God.” The Fraternal Care Trust is a place to share, to give back. It not only cares for our neediest friars--those elderly Franciscans who have no means to support themselves--but also provides for the future in helping to provide housing and education for new friars.

The Franciscans of St. Barbara Province are busy about many good works, and each of those works finds ways to gain support. But these friars, the eldest and the newest, depend completely on the generosity of their brothers and of donors like you for their support.  Find out more. Call us at 510-536-3722, ext. 109.

Click here if you would like to donate to the Franciscan Care Trust.

Fraternal Care Trust
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